Why Three Cheers? Why Now?

We are hard pressed to think of a better time to hang our shingle, as a PR firm solely focused on adult beverage: one of the most dynamic – yet mature — categories you’ll find. Five years ago (really, even less), who could have seen a revolution like the one hard seltzer fomented, transforming malt-based beverages and retailers’ shelves like few ever had. Not only at breakneck pace, but with staying power. Or how tequilas – plural – have become fixtures on our bar carts, more and more for neat sipping, not only summertime margarita making. Moreover, how many of us could foresee a new Sunday routine: firing up an app right before kickoff, and getting our gameday go-to delivered right to our couches before the first quarter ticked down?

In all, it’s the perfect storm for PR people who understand and helped navigate clients through these shifts, and who see the world, and consumers, from a broader lifestyle vantage point. People who worked extensively not just in alcohol, but also in travel, broader food and beverage, retail and other big categories – and because of it, clearly see the bigger world in which beverage alcohol resides. As we like to say, where liquid meets lifestyle.   

More innovation as the norm, more rapidly maturing segments, and more classics poised for rediscovery call for a PR partner that knows – and loves – how fast everything is moving, prizes insights above all (while also trusting its instincts), and that takes an integrated approach to campaigns. That is expert in the caliber of media coverage, influencer marketing, digital content, social media and event experiences that, together, tell better, more sustaining stories. Most importantly, that move the needles that matter most: awareness, trial, affinity and movement off shelves.

That is where we Three Cheers-ers came from, how we think, and what we have done for adult beverage brands: icons and innovators alike. Perhaps most of all, we’re in it as enthusiasts. Our eyes are always open to what’s going on behind the bar, who’s calling for what and what’s getting more real estate at retail. 

Enough about us. The rest will be about what matters most, and that’s creating success for like-minded others.  

So, cheers! Make that, Three Cheers! And as the news folk like to say…watch this space.